In order to manage to provide the services mentioned before, we collaborate with distinguished and experienced collaborators, like mentioned below:

Tripitsi Maria

Accountant, business consultant

Vasilis Theodosiou


Katsikogianni Evgenia


Kogias Alexandros Philippos


Mouzaki Chrysanthi

Senior student of Economics University of Piraeus

Anagnostou Efthymis (Mimis)

Certified Auditor - Accountant

Karouzos Giannis

Lawyer, expert on labour law

Karatzas Christos

Referee O.ME.D., Legal Advisor on labour issues

Fountas Kostas

Consultant on insurance issues, former Executive in IKA

Bourlos Dimitris

Lawyer and publisher of the magazine <IKA Legislation>

Mendis Gregory

Lawyer, expert on tax law

Scientific Group TAXHEAVEN